Environmental impact assessment

Based on guidelines established in June 2007 by the Province of Overijssel (available in Dutch in the library), work is underway on assessing the potential environmental impact of the area development at Twente airport.
In this process, the term ‘environment’ is interpreted in its widest sense. The impact of the spatial plans on nature, noise, external safety and air quality in the area will be investigated.


For effective decision-making on the new development of Twente airport, adequate information on the potential environmental effects at each stage is essential. For this reason, the environmental impact report is divided into a number of phases in the same way as the decision-making process. In June 2008, all models were assessed in terms of their environmental impact to enable an effective comparison to be made. From these models, two sector plans emerged, which are currently being developed into two draft structural visions.


An environmental impact assessment (EIA) will be drawn up for both draft structural visions in the spring of 2009. An EIA involves a precise investigation of environmental effects. The results of the EIA will be used to assess the two draft structural visions. The assessment will also take into account the costs and benefits, financial feasibility and market demand. This assessment will culminate in the proposal for the definitive zoning plan for Twente Airport and its surroundings. When the definitive zoning plan is developed, another, conclusive EIA will be made.

For more information on assessing costs and benefits, please see: SCBA analysis.

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