Social Cost-Benefit Analysis

In June 2008, a number of models were assessed in terms of their financial, economic and environmental effects. This enabled an effective comparative assessment to be made between the various models. This comprehensive assessment determined in the two best-performing sector plans. In October and November 2008, the state government, province and municipality decided to develop these sector plans into the draft structural visions.


For the two draft structural visions, two Key Indicator Cost Benefit Analyses (KCBA) will also be completed. A KCBA is a global version of the Social Cost Benefit Analysis (SCBA).

A KCBA provides a global assessment of the costs and benefits of social effects. For example: in principle, planting a forest costs money and provides no obvious financial benefits. But the planting of a forest does bring clear social gains. A KCBA expresses these social benefits in monetary terms. Using figures gathered from comparable projects, a KCBA will be conducted for both draft structural visions. These figures are also known as key indicators.


It has been decided to conduct a KCBA in view of the present stage in the planning process. Since the plans are still flexible, the costs and benefits of the project are not yet fully known. The social effects of the area development are also not yet clear. For this reason, it is not possible to conduct an SCBA during this phase. To enable a comparison of the relative social effects of the two draft structural visions, a KCBA will be carried out.


The results of the KCBAs will be used to assess the two draft structural visions. The assessment will also take into account the environmental effects, financial feasibility and market demand. This assessment will culminate in the proposal for the definitive zoning plan for Twente Airport and its surroundings.


For more information on assessing environmental effects, please see: EIA.




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