2010 June 17

The Province of Overijssel established its spatial perspective on Twente Airport and its environs

In December 2009, the Government and the Municipality of Enschede declared their support for the Spatial Development Strategy B as a framework for the redevelopment of Twente Airport and its environs. Yesterday, on 16 June 2010, the Province of Overijssel established its spatial perspective on the area. In both perspectives, a compact airport is incorporated in a green environment. You can download the Spatial Development Strategy B and the provincial perspective in the library.


This decision is an important moment in the redevelopment of Twente Airport: it means that in the coming period, steps can be taken en route to execution.


On 28 June 2010, the Municipal Council of Enschede will make a number of supplementary decisions that are of importance to this follow-up stage. These decisions concern issues such as soil decontamination and the adoption of a municipal scheme. You can find the proposal for the Municipal Council in the library under the header ‘Municipality of Enschede’.


Follow-up steps

The follow-up steps are:


the transfer of land from the national government to the Province of Overijssel and the Municipality of Enschede;


Establishing the land development corporation of the Municipality of Enschede and the Province of Overijssel; the management of this corporation will be handling the consultation and negotiations with private-sector parties within established frameworks;


Formulating the basic principles for the tender procedure and the selection guideline for the airport site;


Formulating a development strategy and zoning plans for the other sub-sectors of the plan area;


Starting the tender procedure for airport operation and development: Q1 2011 at the earliest;


Agreement (still to be concluded) with the future operator: Q4 2011 at the earliest.

The framework for the tender procedure will be established by the Municipal Council of Enschede and the States-Provincial of Overijssel.



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