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Social parties maintain their involvement in area development

Social organisations will also be involved in the development of the two sector plans – one with an airport and one without – into two draft structural visions.



A participation working group meets with VTM on a monthly basis to discuss the process and substance of the development of the sector plans. The first of these intensive working sessions was at the end of October 2008. The agenda is set jointly by VTM and the other participants.
These participants are: Stichting Lonnekerland, Landschap Overijssel, the Society for the Preservation of Nature Monuments in the Netherlands, Stichting Alternatieven Vliegveld Twente, the Twente Chamber of Commerce, Oost NV and the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW).


Up until the spring of 2009, workshops will be held in which participants will be asked to offer their intensive collaboration on working out the details of a number of cases/issues related to the area. Delegates from every interest group from the Social Platform are invited to participate.



Involvement in the establishment of the sector plans in the past year

Before the summer, the VTM gave social organisations the opportunity to establish an alternative area development that excludes an airport. Parties worked intensively and submitted the so-called ‘TX-change model’ in April 2008. The work sessions took place in the virtual lab of T-Xchange at the University of Twente.
The Stichting Alternatieven Vliegveld Twente also formulated the vision and business plan ‘De Twentse Basis’. This vision was used as input for the T-Xchange work sessions.
The T-Xchange model forms part of the notitie van de VTM (VTM memorandum) that was presented to the government, the province of Overijssel and the municipality of Enschede for approval. Sector plan A from this memorandum justified the outcome of the T-Xchange project and offers scope for the care & cure initiative entitled ‘De Twentse Basis’.


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